Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winter Haven, Florida

So when Darren asked me if I wanted to make 3300 mile trip from Vancouver,BC to Dacula,Ga and Winter Haven, Fl, I instantly said yes! Since I hav'nt been to either state before... I was'nt thinking at the time that:
1)This would make me miss Kyle and Sarahs wedding (sorry)
2)Would be missing my cousin Deidra going away party to Greece
3)That I did'nt have the legal hours or the time to make the trip, hence making me drive 16hrs a day, for 3 days straight!

Anyways I made my deliverys and am currently taking a reset in Tampa, Fl , I wish the Tampa Bay Devilrays were playing in town but they're in Chicago at the moment :(

Just to let you know that I am usually 100% legal with my logbook, this was an exception...