Saturday, June 6, 2009

Milton to Calgary, Via Cleveland, Ohio

So its tuesday morning, kinda tired of sitting around waiting for a load, and apparently Darren is too, he calls me at 8am (Alberta time) and tells me to deadhead (drive empty) towards Lorain,OH , a small suburb of west Cleveland. 3.5 hours later I'm crossing into Detroit over the ambassador bridge, I don't need to present any paperwork for customs since I'm empty, she looks at my passport and asks the usual questions, and sends me on my way in record time! I pay the bridge toll ($13.75 usd) and start heading towards the I-75, which happens to be under construction at the moment. So I follow the detour down Detroit streets, man is this city a dump! I finally get on the freeway after driving a few miles along parallel to it, get up to 60mph south towards Toledo,OH.
In Toledo I bump my speed down to 55mph and get onto the I-280 south towards the Ohio turnpike, traffic is light and I'm soon on the turnpike east headed for Lorain. I get to the shipper 2.5 hrs after leaving Detroit (turnpike toll $6.50), they load 15 huge totes of ashphalt emulsion fluid onto the truck, and I'm on my way. I head east towards Avon,OH where the closest pay scale is. I exit and from there it takes me about 20 minutes to drive 1/4 of a mile because everyone in town is heading to the home opener of the Lake Erie Crushers (AAA baseball). I scale my load (legal!) and headout the same way back west towards the turnpike again.
The turnpike speed limit for trucks in Ohio is 65mph, elsewhere in the state its 55mph, so I get to the end of the stateline and pay my toll of $19.75 (more expensive when loaded) and a few iles later stop to pick up my toll ticket for the Indiana turnpike (It would be great if when you pay at Ohio, they'd give you a Indiana toll ticket too, and vice-versa, this way you would'nt have to stop twice within 5 miles...)
I finish up the Indiana toll ($27) and stop shortly after that in Lake Station,IN, which is considered east Chicago.
Tuesday June.2-1018 km driven

I wake up wednesday morning at 645am (Alberta time) and am on the road by 715, follow the I-80 into Illinois and head north on the tri-state tollway I-294, this tollway makes you stop every 10-20 miles and pay everytime, so I'm up to $16 when I get onto the I-290 west (free freeway) and I then enter onto the I-90 west (tollway) which costs me another $13 to the Wisconsin state line. From here there are no more tolls, I drive a few more hours to Black River falls,WI to fuel up at 1245, and get a T-chek for $125 to pay myself back for all those tolls and a few other expenses. I fuel up and head west, I'm two hours from St.Paul (twin cities) and I'll be arriving there just before rush hour. I get into the twins and the traffic is getting tighter and tighter, but I manage to get out of there and I stop in Clearwater,MN for one of their award winning Nelson Brothers sandwiches, Mmmm mmm! Its 70mph in Minnesota and I make it another 1.75 hours to Fergus Falls,MN, where I park at the Bison ranch truckstop, where you can get bison burgers and steaks! I order a bison swiss chesse mushroom burger, medium rare! (yes, I think I am turning into an American) Finish that up, call my sister and then head to bed.
Wednesday June 3-990km driven.

Thursday morning and i wake up at 415 and on the road by 445, I cross into Fargo,ND around 535, slow down for construction and once i clear the city it`s up to 75mph towards Jamestown,ND where i grab some fuel, and then get off the freeway onto the two-lane US52 northwest towards North Portal,SK. By now my truck is making a growling sound when I shift from 4th to 5th gear, I call Darren about it in Minot,ND and he says he`ll bring me into Edmonton after Calgary delivery. An hour and a half after Minot I cross into Saskatchewan with my paperwork being processed (great!) and take the 39 northwest towards Moose Jaw. Stopping in the Jaw for 30 minutes to grab some oil and A&W, I drive another 2.25 hours to Gull Lake,Sk and call it a night.
Thursday June.4- 1176km driven.

I wake up early friday morning at 330, fuel up and am on the road at 4am, get into south calgary for 830 am, and back into customers yard, blind side it in around numerous cars and trucks, get unloaded and call Darren for instructions, he still wants me in Edmonton, but sends me to a place right beside the Deerfoot casino to load some fruitcups for tonight delivery. I`m loaded up by 11 and I get into the west end by 245 after fueling in Leduc and I park it at the Shell on 170th st and 118th ave. Darren comes over to take a look at the truck, and I tell him i`ll be out of it soon, since my sister will be picking me up.
Friday June.5- 784 km driven

Its now saturday and I presume the truck is in the shop getting some transmission work, should be ready to go monday morning.

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