Tuesday, May 12, 2009

JB Trucking


With a little bit of searching I'd found a company who was willing to give me an interview... in St. Paul,AB a 3 hour drive from home. I was desperate for a job so I went out. When I said I was willing to relocate they hired me on the spot! I found an apartment right away in this small town with french roots and started driving.

Well actually I started wrecking stuff! Driving on flat tires, taking a left turn too fast, and hitting the median in the middle with my trailer tires and bending the rim! Most of their business was grain hauling, once my rollover tarp would'nt close so I drove from Olds,AB to St.Paul like that, It was ripped to shreds by the time I got there.

Thats how you learn though, usually by screwing up, this company went bankrupt and I was out of there 4-5 months later in February 2003

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